Are you equipped to engage
culture in your ministry?

Our culture is more hostile to Christianity, even though it understands Christianity less than ever before. To effectively engage with the culture, you will need a deeply integrated theology, philosophy, and grounding in apologetics—the bedrock of a degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary & Bible College.


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A Unique Invitation

SES offers students something that cannot be found anywhere else—accredited education programs that take an integrated approach to theology, philosophy, and apologetics. Every class at SES, regardless of the subject, is interwoven with every other to form a complete and systematic view of reality and essential Christian doctrine that will better equip you to engage the false ideas of today’s culture with the truth of the Gospel.


Effective, Integrated Training

Our theological training will teach you to think well about God and others, and philosophy courses provide historical context for these ideas. Apologetics at SES brings both streams together to address the real cultural issues we face today.

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SES offers an undergrad degree, 10 master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as 7 for-credit certificates. Faculty and staff will help tailor-fit your studies to give you the preparation you need for ministry in church, school, nonprofits, secular fields, and more.

Support for Your Calling

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SES fully understands the complex demands on our students, so we’ve created seminary options for busy schedules. We’ve also priced our degrees below the national average so our students receive an exceptional education at an exceptional value.

Beyond Online Education

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"[Apologetics] is opening the door, clearing the rubble, and getting rid of the hurdles so that people can come to Christ.”

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Are You Ready to Engage?

Download our free e-book, Three Dangers Currently Confronting Evangelicals, to learn how SES can uniquely equip you to engage the dangerous ideas facing our culture.


Cultivate deep apologetics skills to engage culture, defend our faith, and lead others, with a special counter-cult ministry focus.

Seminary vs. Self-guided Study

In our e-book you will explore the value of learning in a controlled environment and understand why reading books and listening to lectures on your own isn’t everything you need for ministry.

Much division and strife are happening in our churches, and in society, due to the rise of ‘wokeness’ ideology. Is such ideology philosophically sound and biblical?

The Adoption of ‘Wokeness’ Ideology

The Apologetics You Need

We also tackle the issue of apologetics methods and how not all of them are created equally by briefly examining the five characteristics effective apologetics must have.

We also explore the issues related to misunderstandings and denials of biblical inerrancy and why such issues are important to evangelical theology.

The Weakening of Biblical Inerrancy

Beyond Your Degree

Because your seminary experience is so much more than earning a piece of paper, weigh the cost now and consider the five reasons students are thankful for pursuing their studies.

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The Denial of Objectivity

Reading to Get Ready

The last content our e-book features is a pre-seminary reading list that will challenge, prepare, and engage you as you discern your calling and make your decision about your education.

Lastly, we see five important and practical reasons to be thankful for the uniquely integrated theological training you will receive at SES.

5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Seminary

We examine the common view held today that objective meaning and interpretation are impossible given everyone’s individual world view, and the implications that has for Bible study.

As a part of your degree, explore the history of Islam and the Middle East, study the Qur’an and learn about Islamic apologetics and missions.

Download our free e-book, Three Dangers Currently Confronting Evangelicals, to learn how SES can uniquely equip you to engage the dangerous ideas facing our culture.